Representative in Congress

Scott Wallace
Brian Fitzpatrick
Bedminster Twp East7381129
Bedminster Twp West7441017
Bensalem Twp Lower East 1649492
Bensalem Twp Lower East 2557510
Bensalem Twp Lower East 3514437
Bensalem Twp Lower East 4303162
Bensalem Twp Lower East 5567848
Bensalem Twp Lower East 6345421
Bensalem Twp Lower East 7515466
Bensalem Twp Lower East 8316322
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 1337438
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 2234354
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 3436746
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 4322231
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 5368209
Bensalem Twp Lower West428344
Bensalem Twp Upper West345466
Bensalem Twp Upper 1466700
Bensalem Twp Upper 2232232
Bensalem Twp Upper 3588226
Bensalem Twp Upper 4399275
Bensalem Twp Upper 5416435
Bensalem Twp Upper 6358282
Bensalem Twp Upper 7327321
Bensalem Twp Upper 8406331
Bensalem Twp Upper 9510468
Bensalem Twp Upper 10501513
Bensalem Twp Upper 11616641
Bensalem Twp Upper 12412356
Bridgeton Twp316307
Bristol Boro North 1268139
Bristol Boro North 2206167
Bristol Boro East 1333313
Bristol Boro East 2291268
Bristol Boro West 114580
Bristol Boro West 2222180
Bristol Boro West 3188105
Bristol Boro South 1152135
Bristol Boro South 2196150
Bristol Boro South 310598
Bristol Twp 1st 1st340459
Bristol Twp 1st 2nd258262
Bristol Twp 1st 3rd267314
Bristol Twp 2nd 1st347275
Bristol Twp 2nd 2nd209174
Bristol Twp 2nd 3rd364207
Bristol Twp 3rd 1st341163
Bristol Twp 3rd 2nd331275
Bristol Twp 3rd 3rd227201
Bristol Twp 4th 1st471366
Bristol Twp 4th 2nd498270
Bristol Twp 4th 3rd231262
Bristol Twp 5th 1st355331
Bristol Twp 5th 2nd509162
Bristol Twp 6th 1st264221
Bristol Twp 6th 2nd345232
Bristol Twp 6th 3rd179166
Bristol Twp 7th 1st352332
Bristol Twp 7th 2nd388282
Bristol Twp 8th 1st391389
Bristol Twp 8th 2nd451440
Bristol Twp 9th 1st456406
Bristol Twp 9th 2nd487449
Bristol Twp 9th 3rd498439
Bristol Twp 10th 1st261249
Bristol Twp 10th 2nd296209
Bristol Twp 10th 3rd231212
Bristol Twp 11th 1st386396
Bristol Twp 11th 2nd422356
Buckingham Twp Lower 19591049
Buckingham Twp Lower 2500649
Buckingham Twp Middle 1798782
Buckingham Twp Middle 2508529
Buckingham Twp Upper 1799821
Buckingham Twp Upper 2741918
Buckingham Twp Upper 3483622
Buckingham Twp Upper 4574703
Chalfont Boro10771048
Doylestown Boro 1st 1st489337
Doylestown Boro 1st 2nd452283
Doylestown Boro 2nd 1st443256
Doylestown Boro 2nd 2nd698453
Doylestown Boro 3rd 1st400230
Doylestown Boro 3rd 2nd404182
Doylestown Twp 1615523
Doylestown Twp 2393413
Doylestown Twp 3602597
Doylestown Twp 4393397
Doylestown Twp 5747745
Doylestown Twp 6870812
Doylestown Twp 7473555
Doylestown Twp 8545682
Dublin Boro388443
Durham Twp267381
East Rockhill Twp 1505836
East Rockhill Twp 2551833
Falls Twp 1st 1st525537
Falls Twp 1st 2nd398415
Falls Twp 1st 3rd324269
Falls Twp 1st 4th388387
Falls Twp 1st 5th857377
Falls Twp 1st 6th476465
Falls Twp 1st 7th416293
Falls Twp 2nd 1st310344
Falls Twp 2nd 2nd267295
Falls Twp 3rd 1st299269
Falls Twp 3rd 2nd715523
Falls Twp 4th 1st345387
Falls Twp 4th 2nd256216
Falls Twp 4th 3rd232276
Falls Twp 4th 4th293260
Falls Twp 4th 5th426356
Falls Twp 4th 6th230193
Falls Twp 4th 7th264209
Haycock Twp471722
Hilltown Twp Blooming Glen 1336775
Hilltown Twp Blooming Glen 2505710
Hilltown Twp Blooming Glen 3465622
Hilltown Twp Fairhill 1535646
Hilltown Twp Fairhill 2534847
Hilltown Twp Hilltown537953
Hulmeville Boro209225
Ivyland Boro185233
Langhorne Boro435346
Langhorne Manor Boro226292
Lower Makefield Twp North 1634630
Lower Makefield Twp North 2801820
Lower Makefield Twp North 3831911
Lower Makefield Twp North 4638586
Lower Makefield Twp North 5892658
Lower Makefield Twp North 6840631
Lower Makefield Twp South 1589399
Lower Makefield Twp South 2511317
Lower Makefield Twp South 3579460
Lower Makefield Twp South 41036892
Lower Makefield Twp South 5500442
Lower Makefield Twp South 6271177
Lower Makefield Twp South 7640498
Lower Makefield Twp South 8464408
Lower Makefield Twp South 9791593
Lower Southampton Twp East 1526525
Lower Southampton Twp East 2257452
Lower Southampton Twp East 3396559
Lower Southampton Twp East 4388552
Lower Southampton Twp East 5301530
Lower Southampton Twp West 1211265
Lower Southampton Twp West 2219344
Lower Southampton Twp West 3341391
Lower Southampton Twp West 4276354
Lower Southampton Twp West 5226268
Lower Southampton Twp West 6316441
Lower Southampton Twp West 7222323
Middletown Twp Lower 1628829
Middletown Twp Lower 2519719
Middletown Twp Lower 3247392
Middletown Twp Lower 4268240
Middletown Twp Lower 5282357
Middletown Twp Lower 6326364
Middletown Twp Lower 7343354
Middletown Twp Lower 8392400
Middletown Twp Lower 9433436
Middletown Twp Lower 10368454
Middletown Twp Lower 11242324
Middletown Twp Lower 12200203
Middletown Twp Lower 13968605
Middletown Twp Upper 1540565
Middletown Twp Upper 2554620
Middletown Twp Upper 3826914
Middletown Twp Upper 4514597
Middletown Twp Upper 5777602
Middletown Twp Upper 6543591
Middletown Twp Upper 7527486
Middletown Twp Upper 8557519
Middletown Twp Upper 9540603
Milford Twp Roeder254465
Milford Twp Roseville291574
Milford Twp Shelly586797
Milford Twp Trumbauersville6361029
Morrisville Boro 1st386317
Morrisville Boro 2nd498353
Morrisville Boro 3rd574388
Morrisville Boro 4th591251
New Britain Boro579591
New Britain Twp East744786
New Britain Twp West 1524598
New Britain Twp West 2451629
New Britain Twp South 1716618
New Britain Twp South 2514568
New Hope Boro1013457
Newtown Boro 1st409291
Newtown Boro 2nd407323
Newtown Twp 1471394
Newtown Twp 2679650
Newtown Twp 3653514
Newtown Twp 4361339
Newtown Twp 5631528
Newtown Twp 6879834
Newtown Twp 7894750
Newtown Twp 81002923
Nockamixon Twp Nockamixon365534
Nockamixon Twp Revere295543
Northampton Twp 1658814
Northampton Twp 2353541
Northampton Twp 3345549
Northampton Twp 4461815
Northampton Twp 5495840
Northampton Twp 6484911
Northampton Twp 7517674
Northampton Twp 8397696
Northampton Twp 9555727
Northampton Twp 10471482
Northampton Twp 11629607
Northampton Twp 12475688
Northampton Twp 13450707
Northampton Twp 14881957
Northampton Twp 15501646
Northampton Twp 16433441
Northampton Twp 17320442
Northampton Twp 18403588
Penndel Boro447441
Perkasie Boro 1st563762
Perkasie Boro 2nd523594
Perkasie Boro 3rd696838
Plumstead Twp 1608702
Plumstead Twp 2576735
Plumstead Twp 3577813
Plumstead Twp 4846831
Plumstead Twp 5664722
Quakertown Boro 1st 1st341370
Quakertown Boro 1st 2nd375390
Quakertown Boro 2nd235179
Quakertown Boro 3rd362471
Quakertown Boro 4th267323
Richland Twp 18111113
Richland Twp 2475681
Richland Twp 3370471
Richland Twp 4498787
Richlandtown Boro186283
Riegelsville Boro220201
Sellersville Boro 1st341367
Sellersville Boro 2nd152145
Sellersville Boro 3rd433435
Silverdale Boro165270
Solebury Twp Lower 1625487
Solebury Twp Lower 2560579
Solebury Twp Middle1044667
Solebury Twp Upper745650
Springfield Twp East372525
Springfield Twp Middle386538
Springfield Twp West297517
Telford Boro387498
Tinicum Twp Delaware359372
Tinicum Twp Tinicum305459
Tinicum Twp Tohickon379404
Trumbauersville Boro157227
Tullytown Boro484362
Upper Makefield Twp 1443515
Upper Makefield Twp 2562697
Upper Makefield Twp 3621861
Upper Makefield Twp 4689811
Upper Southampton Twp East 1306502
Upper Southampton Twp East 2508736
Upper Southampton Twp North 1174229
Upper Southampton Twp North 2268479
Upper Southampton Twp North 3228333
Upper Southampton Twp North 4219359
Upper Southampton Twp South 1497681
Upper Southampton Twp South 2307490
Upper Southampton Twp West 1268394
Upper Southampton Twp West 2269499
Warminster Twp 1221283
Warminster Twp 2363185
Warminster Twp 3595535
Warminster Twp 4302438
Warminster Twp 5320462
Warminster Twp 6294478
Warminster Twp 7435582
Warminster Twp 8397583
Warminster Twp 9425546
Warminster Twp 10532397
Warminster Twp 11566651
Warminster Twp 12514586
Warminster Twp 13393547
Warminster Twp 14932958
Warminster Twp 15299302
Warminster Twp 16263183
Warminster Twp 17268385
Warrington Twp 1602696
Warrington Twp 2760939
Warrington Twp 3450532
Warrington Twp 4758644
Warrington Twp 5758850
Warrington Twp 6569798
Warrington Twp 7788839
Warrington Twp 8615745
Warwick Twp 1564769
Warwick Twp 29471152
Warwick Twp 3595715
Warwick Twp 4691959
Warwick Twp 5422631
West Rockhill Twp Argus292541
West Rockhill Twp Rockhill6301012
Wrightstown Twp7421007
Yardley Boro905633
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