Late Supreme Court Ruling ordered the removal of a Republican Governor Candidate.

Representative in Congress

Kevin Strouse
Shaughnessy Naughton
Bedminster Twp East4040
Bedminster Twp West6984
Bensalem Twp Lower East 18253
Bensalem Twp Lower East 27047
Bensalem Twp Lower East 35529
Bensalem Twp Lower East 42325
Bensalem Twp Lower East 55959
Bensalem Twp Lower East 65652
Bensalem Twp Lower East 76535
Bensalem Twp Lower East 83342
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 13135
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 24415
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 37624
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 43513
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 55216
Bensalem Twp Lower West6327
Bensalem Twp Upper West5549
Bensalem Twp Upper 15254
Bensalem Twp Upper 23713
Bensalem Twp Upper 37459
Bensalem Twp Upper 44028
Bensalem Twp Upper 55316
Bensalem Twp Upper 67836
Bensalem Twp Upper 73627
Bensalem Twp Upper 84743
Bensalem Twp Upper 98634
Bensalem Twp Upper 107245
Bensalem Twp Upper 116753
Bensalem Twp Upper 123830
Bridgeton Twp4330
Bristol Boro North 16642
Bristol Boro North 25832
Bristol Boro East 112486
Bristol Boro East 29260
Bristol Boro West 11827
Bristol Boro West 24235
Bristol Boro West 33718
Bristol Boro South 13214
Bristol Boro South 24525
Bristol Boro South 33723
Bristol Twp 1st 1st6243
Bristol Twp 1st 2nd5826
Bristol Twp 1st 3rd3168
Bristol Twp 2nd 1st4536
Bristol Twp 2nd 2nd3629
Bristol Twp 2nd 3rd5226
Bristol Twp 3rd 1st5647
Bristol Twp 3rd 2nd5824
Bristol Twp 3rd 3rd4930
Bristol Twp 4th 1st5467
Bristol Twp 4th 2nd5656
Bristol Twp 4th 3rd4348
Bristol Twp 5th 1st6356
Bristol Twp 5th 2nd4572
Bristol Twp 6th 1st5936
Bristol Twp 6th 2nd4746
Bristol Twp 6th 3rd2722
Bristol Twp 7th 1st6830
Bristol Twp 7th 2nd5864
Bristol Twp 8th 1st6147
Bristol Twp 8th 2nd5376
Bristol Twp 9th 1st7691
Bristol Twp 9th 2nd6676
Bristol Twp 9th 3rd5456
Bristol Twp 10th 1st8122
Bristol Twp 10th 2nd6447
Bristol Twp 10th 3rd5617
Bristol Twp 11th 1st7476
Bristol Twp 11th 2nd5782
Buckingham Twp Lower 17280
Buckingham Twp Lower 27994
Buckingham Twp Middle 14977
Buckingham Twp Middle 24356
Buckingham Twp Upper 15683
Buckingham Twp Upper 26364
Buckingham Twp Upper 32335
Buckingham Twp Upper 43052
Chalfont Boro68112
Doylestown Boro 1st 1st56106
Doylestown Boro 1st 2nd53102
Doylestown Boro 2nd 1st4855
Doylestown Boro 2nd 2nd7677
Doylestown Boro 3rd 1st4060
Doylestown Boro 3rd 2nd4574
Doylestown Twp 14460
Doylestown Twp 28942
Doylestown Twp 34489
Doylestown Twp 45961
Doylestown Twp 55995
Doylestown Twp 677110
Doylestown Twp 77382
Doylestown Twp 84153
Dublin Boro3425
Durham Twp3315
East Rockhill Twp 14948
East Rockhill Twp 27465
Falls Twp 1st 1st9573
Falls Twp 1st 2nd8156
Falls Twp 1st 3rd3542
Falls Twp 1st 4th8448
Falls Twp 1st 5th6673
Falls Twp 1st 6th5665
Falls Twp 1st 7th7831
Falls Twp 2nd 1st7626
Falls Twp 2nd 2nd7033
Falls Twp 3rd 1st6728
Falls Twp 3rd 2nd10351
Falls Twp 4th 1st5547
Falls Twp 4th 2nd4130
Falls Twp 4th 3rd4324
Falls Twp 4th 4th6848
Falls Twp 4th 5th7863
Falls Twp 4th 6th4722
Falls Twp 4th 7th4831
Haycock Twp5052
Hilltown Twp Blooming Glen 13234
Hilltown Twp Blooming Glen 24728
Hilltown Twp Blooming Glen 33936
Hilltown Twp Fairhill 13936
Hilltown Twp Fairhill 25729
Hilltown Twp Hilltown5741
Hulmeville Boro4827
Ivyland Boro2430
Langhorne Boro5557
Langhorne Manor Boro3726
Lower Makefield Twp North 14575
Lower Makefield Twp North 24693
Lower Makefield Twp North 34080
Lower Makefield Twp North 47583
Lower Makefield Twp North 577105
Lower Makefield Twp North 673105
Lower Makefield Twp South 14181
Lower Makefield Twp South 240108
Lower Makefield Twp South 35968
Lower Makefield Twp South 466136
Lower Makefield Twp South 57360
Lower Makefield Twp South 62145
Lower Makefield Twp South 765109
Lower Makefield Twp South 84160
Lower Makefield Twp South 96888
Lower Southampton Twp East 167102
Lower Southampton Twp East 23424
Lower Southampton Twp East 35245
Lower Southampton Twp East 45836
Lower Southampton Twp East 58340
Lower Southampton Twp West 12927
Lower Southampton Twp West 22127
Lower Southampton Twp West 33325
Lower Southampton Twp West 43526
Lower Southampton Twp West 54731
Lower Southampton Twp West 65529
Lower Southampton Twp West 73618
Middletown Twp Lower 18373
Middletown Twp Lower 28160
Middletown Twp Lower 35850
Middletown Twp Lower 43775
Middletown Twp Lower 54250
Middletown Twp Lower 65040
Middletown Twp Lower 76752
Middletown Twp Lower 87242
Middletown Twp Lower 98555
Middletown Twp Lower 106268
Middletown Twp Lower 115028
Middletown Twp Lower 124241
Middletown Twp Lower 138761
Middletown Twp Upper 17585
Middletown Twp Upper 27769
Middletown Twp Upper 39292
Middletown Twp Upper 47686
Middletown Twp Upper 580139
Middletown Twp Upper 68478
Middletown Twp Upper 77556
Middletown Twp Upper 87044
Middletown Twp Upper 9122122
Milford Twp Roeder4729
Milford Twp Roseville4531
Milford Twp Shelly5444
Milford Twp Trumbauersville5977
Morrisville Boro 1st5638
Morrisville Boro 2nd7456
Morrisville Boro 3rd7094
Morrisville Boro 4th7946
New Britain Boro5186
New Britain Twp East46113
New Britain Twp West 14450
New Britain Twp West 24437
New Britain Twp South 16353
New Britain Twp South 24669
New Hope Boro54149
Newtown Boro 1st5775
Newtown Boro 2nd4660
Newtown Twp 15841
Newtown Twp 26755
Newtown Twp 35969
Newtown Twp 43838
Newtown Twp 57185
Newtown Twp 66366
Newtown Twp 76978
Newtown Twp 89574
Nockamixon Twp Nockamixon4163
Nockamixon Twp Revere3441
Northampton Twp 16587
Northampton Twp 24453
Northampton Twp 34749
Northampton Twp 45029
Northampton Twp 56351
Northampton Twp 67843
Northampton Twp 75148
Northampton Twp 85546
Northampton Twp 97051
Northampton Twp 104853
Northampton Twp 117295
Northampton Twp 125751
Northampton Twp 134357
Northampton Twp 147868
Northampton Twp 155559
Northampton Twp 163743
Northampton Twp 175234
Northampton Twp 183645
Penndel Boro8253
Perkasie Boro 1st10064
Perkasie Boro 2nd5549
Perkasie Boro 3rd5885
Plumstead Twp 154106
Plumstead Twp 23041
Plumstead Twp 34736
Plumstead Twp 42190
Plumstead Twp 54351
Quakertown Boro 1st 1st5728
Quakertown Boro 1st 2nd5348
Quakertown Boro 2nd2623
Quakertown Boro 3rd5742
Quakertown Boro 4th3828
Richland Twp 19748
Richland Twp 26843
Richland Twp 34534
Richland Twp 46339
Richlandtown Boro2510
Riegelsville Boro2823
Sellersville Boro 1st5140
Sellersville Boro 2nd2525
Sellersville Boro 3rd4932
Silverdale Boro2116
Solebury Twp Lower 15372
Solebury Twp Lower 24868
Solebury Twp Middle88166
Solebury Twp Upper53108
Springfield Twp East7351
Springfield Twp Middle5829
Springfield Twp West4835
Telford Boro5033
Tinicum Twp Delaware4454
Tinicum Twp Tinicum5141
Tinicum Twp Tohickon3760
Trumbauersville Boro2224
Tullytown Boro109107
Upper Makefield Twp 12348
Upper Makefield Twp 22750
Upper Makefield Twp 33964
Upper Makefield Twp 45942
Upper Southampton Twp East 14638
Upper Southampton Twp East 28674
Upper Southampton Twp North 11915
Upper Southampton Twp North 22659
Upper Southampton Twp North 34239
Upper Southampton Twp North 43029
Upper Southampton Twp South 18265
Upper Southampton Twp South 24632
Upper Southampton Twp West 15226
Upper Southampton Twp West 23423
Warminster Twp 12219
Warminster Twp 24019
Warminster Twp 36574
Warminster Twp 44435
Warminster Twp 54339
Warminster Twp 63331
Warminster Twp 74170
Warminster Twp 86231
Warminster Twp 95532
Warminster Twp 109445
Warminster Twp 117669
Warminster Twp 129577
Warminster Twp 135642
Warminster Twp 14159148
Warminster Twp 155650
Warminster Twp 162811
Warminster Twp 174738
Warrington Twp 14363
Warrington Twp 25872
Warrington Twp 35859
Warrington Twp 47881
Warrington Twp 54567
Warrington Twp 64650
Warrington Twp 76457
Warrington Twp 84972
Warwick Twp 14746
Warwick Twp 2137134
Warwick Twp 33940
Warwick Twp 47867
Warwick Twp 53738
West Rockhill Twp Argus5438
West Rockhill Twp Rockhill8367
Wrightstown Twp6283
Yardley Boro56162