Alternate Delegate to the Democratic National Convention

Randall C. Flager
Bedminster Twp East55
Bedminster Twp West93
Bensalem Twp Lower East 192
Bensalem Twp Lower East 279
Bensalem Twp Lower East 359
Bensalem Twp Lower East 432
Bensalem Twp Lower East 570
Bensalem Twp Lower East 656
Bensalem Twp Lower East 774
Bensalem Twp Lower East 848
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 162
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 239
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 373
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 429
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 545
Bensalem Twp Lower West43
Bensalem Twp Upper West71
Bensalem Twp Upper 176
Bensalem Twp Upper 227
Bensalem Twp Upper 3113
Bensalem Twp Upper 440
Bensalem Twp Upper 537
Bensalem Twp Upper 663
Bensalem Twp Upper 753
Bensalem Twp Upper 862
Bensalem Twp Upper 9109
Bensalem Twp Upper 1066
Bensalem Twp Upper 1184
Bensalem Twp Upper 1248
Bridgeton Twp55
Bristol Boro North 170
Bristol Boro North 241
Bristol Boro East 1135
Bristol Boro East 296
Bristol Boro West 142
Bristol Boro West 260
Bristol Boro West 340
Bristol Boro South 129
Bristol Boro South 236
Bristol Boro South 334
Bristol Twp 1st 1st80
Bristol Twp 1st 2nd67
Bristol Twp 1st 3rd75
Bristol Twp 2nd 1st70
Bristol Twp 2nd 2nd45
Bristol Twp 2nd 3rd67
Bristol Twp 3rd 1st96
Bristol Twp 3rd 2nd67
Bristol Twp 3rd 3rd56
Bristol Twp 4th 1st100
Bristol Twp 4th 2nd83
Bristol Twp 4th 3rd60
Bristol Twp 5th 1st94
Bristol Twp 5th 2nd114
Bristol Twp 6th 1st75
Bristol Twp 6th 2nd77
Bristol Twp 6th 3rd44
Bristol Twp 7th 1st73
Bristol Twp 7th 2nd86
Bristol Twp 8th 1st94
Bristol Twp 8th 2nd104
Bristol Twp 9th 1st109
Bristol Twp 9th 2nd113
Bristol Twp 9th 3rd112
Bristol Twp 10th 1st75
Bristol Twp 10th 2nd87
Bristol Twp 10th 3rd64
Bristol Twp 11th 1st110
Bristol Twp 11th 2nd103
Buckingham Twp Lower 192
Buckingham Twp Lower 294
Buckingham Twp Middle 182
Buckingham Twp Middle 262
Buckingham Twp Upper 191
Buckingham Twp Upper 287
Buckingham Twp Upper 335
Buckingham Twp Upper 455
Chalfont Boro98
Doylestown Boro 1st 1st128
Doylestown Boro 1st 2nd105
Doylestown Boro 2nd 1st84
Doylestown Boro 2nd 2nd118
Doylestown Boro 3rd 1st84
Doylestown Boro 3rd 2nd86
Doylestown Twp 195
Doylestown Twp 296
Doylestown Twp 3102
Doylestown Twp 473
Doylestown Twp 5107
Doylestown Twp 6124
Doylestown Twp 7100
Doylestown Twp 856
Dublin Boro51
Durham Twp33
East Rockhill Twp 170
East Rockhill Twp 294
Falls Twp 1st 1st123
Falls Twp 1st 2nd91
Falls Twp 1st 3rd68
Falls Twp 1st 4th71
Falls Twp 1st 5th86
Falls Twp 1st 6th99
Falls Twp 1st 7th72
Falls Twp 2nd 1st71
Falls Twp 2nd 2nd70
Falls Twp 3rd 1st64
Falls Twp 3rd 2nd114
Falls Twp 4th 1st96
Falls Twp 4th 2nd53
Falls Twp 4th 3rd65
Falls Twp 4th 4th88
Falls Twp 4th 5th102
Falls Twp 4th 6th59
Falls Twp 4th 7th68
Haycock Twp72
Hilltown Twp Blooming Glen 147
Hilltown Twp Blooming Glen 261
Hilltown Twp Blooming Glen 341
Hilltown Twp Fairhill 145
Hilltown Twp Fairhill 263
Hilltown Twp Hilltown72
Hulmeville Boro61
Ivyland Boro29
Langhorne Boro99
Langhorne Manor Boro38
Lower Makefield Twp North 185
Lower Makefield Twp North 296
Lower Makefield Twp North 379
Lower Makefield Twp North 4131
Lower Makefield Twp North 5135
Lower Makefield Twp North 688
Lower Makefield Twp South 185
Lower Makefield Twp South 2109
Lower Makefield Twp South 380
Lower Makefield Twp South 4147
Lower Makefield Twp South 591
Lower Makefield Twp South 651
Lower Makefield Twp South 7116
Lower Makefield Twp South 881
Lower Makefield Twp South 9104
Lower Southampton Twp East 1101
Lower Southampton Twp East 241
Lower Southampton Twp East 379
Lower Southampton Twp East 453
Lower Southampton Twp East 576
Lower Southampton Twp West 140
Lower Southampton Twp West 233
Lower Southampton Twp West 347
Lower Southampton Twp West 443
Lower Southampton Twp West 537
Lower Southampton Twp West 654
Lower Southampton Twp West 728
Middletown Twp Lower 1111
Middletown Twp Lower 284
Middletown Twp Lower 380
Middletown Twp Lower 471
Middletown Twp Lower 567
Middletown Twp Lower 662
Middletown Twp Lower 783
Middletown Twp Lower 873
Middletown Twp Lower 9111
Middletown Twp Lower 1086
Middletown Twp Lower 1140
Middletown Twp Lower 1246
Middletown Twp Lower 13112
Middletown Twp Upper 1112
Middletown Twp Upper 271
Middletown Twp Upper 3122
Middletown Twp Upper 495
Middletown Twp Upper 5142
Middletown Twp Upper 6108
Middletown Twp Upper 783
Middletown Twp Upper 875
Middletown Twp Upper 9162
Milford Twp Roeder53
Milford Twp Roseville36
Milford Twp Shelly72
Milford Twp Trumbauersville86
Morrisville Boro 1st75
Morrisville Boro 2nd91
Morrisville Boro 3rd122
Morrisville Boro 4th77
New Britain Boro88
New Britain Twp East111
New Britain Twp West 143
New Britain Twp West 238
New Britain Twp South 170
New Britain Twp South 276
New Hope Boro141
Newtown Boro 1st94
Newtown Boro 2nd87
Newtown Twp 177
Newtown Twp 2101
Newtown Twp 3105
Newtown Twp 462
Newtown Twp 5116
Newtown Twp 696
Newtown Twp 7100
Newtown Twp 8128
Nockamixon Twp Nockamixon65
Nockamixon Twp Revere48
Northampton Twp 192
Northampton Twp 250
Northampton Twp 371
Northampton Twp 453
Northampton Twp 564
Northampton Twp 674
Northampton Twp 764
Northampton Twp 868
Northampton Twp 988
Northampton Twp 1067
Northampton Twp 11106
Northampton Twp 1268
Northampton Twp 1365
Northampton Twp 14111
Northampton Twp 1574
Northampton Twp 1646
Northampton Twp 1744
Northampton Twp 1846
Penndel Boro98
Perkasie Boro 1st95
Perkasie Boro 2nd70
Perkasie Boro 3rd94
Plumstead Twp 1106
Plumstead Twp 254
Plumstead Twp 358
Plumstead Twp 445
Plumstead Twp 551
Quakertown Boro 1st 1st65
Quakertown Boro 1st 2nd81
Quakertown Boro 2nd27
Quakertown Boro 3rd53
Quakertown Boro 4th50
Richland Twp 185
Richland Twp 264
Richland Twp 346
Richland Twp 454
Richlandtown Boro29
Riegelsville Boro43
Sellersville Boro 1st77
Sellersville Boro 2nd38
Sellersville Boro 3rd51
Silverdale Boro20
Solebury Twp Lower 160
Solebury Twp Lower 269
Solebury Twp Middle160
Solebury Twp Upper89
Springfield Twp East89
Springfield Twp Middle67
Springfield Twp West33
Telford Boro58
Tinicum Twp Delaware81
Tinicum Twp Tinicum71
Tinicum Twp Tohickon62
Trumbauersville Boro31
Tullytown Boro153
Upper Makefield Twp 148
Upper Makefield Twp 245
Upper Makefield Twp 367
Upper Makefield Twp 460
Upper Southampton Twp East 165
Upper Southampton Twp East 2111
Upper Southampton Twp North 115
Upper Southampton Twp North 254
Upper Southampton Twp North 346
Upper Southampton Twp North 423
Upper Southampton Twp South 184
Upper Southampton Twp South 249
Upper Southampton Twp West 143
Upper Southampton Twp West 242
Warminster Twp 129
Warminster Twp 234
Warminster Twp 382
Warminster Twp 454
Warminster Twp 541
Warminster Twp 642
Warminster Twp 772
Warminster Twp 858
Warminster Twp 964
Warminster Twp 1071
Warminster Twp 1180
Warminster Twp 12105
Warminster Twp 1374
Warminster Twp 14226
Warminster Twp 1563
Warminster Twp 1623
Warminster Twp 1760
Warrington Twp 164
Warrington Twp 280
Warrington Twp 370
Warrington Twp 4107
Warrington Twp 559
Warrington Twp 646
Warrington Twp 761
Warrington Twp 873
Warwick Twp 160
Warwick Twp 2139
Warwick Twp 341
Warwick Twp 499
Warwick Twp 541
West Rockhill Twp Argus64
West Rockhill Twp Rockhill89
Wrightstown Twp100
Yardley Boro159